Refer to other article For additional explanation, you can link to another page on your website. Or you save your explanation for a next article. This way you layer your content and prevent lengthy texts. Tip: include your client in such decisions. I myself notice that a text often becomes more complicat and longer due to my customer ‘s feback . You can prevent this by being clear about your goal in advance.  Use emotion in your text I am writing articles for a pension provider about the Lump sum Act, which will probably come into effect on January and will be part of the new pension system. Not very exciting, inde. But a lump sum actually just means that you can withdraw % of your pension in one go.

That People Are Waiting For

For example you can travel with it or renovate your house. See, that already sounds a lot more attractive. So I let people speak who tell what they would do Spain Phone Number with such a lump sum. And I add some feeling to that. For example: “With % of my pension I would make a gift to my children. So that maybe one day they can buy a house. That’s so hard these days. With a donation I can help them a little. They really deserve that, I think.” Read also: How to make more money in one sentence . Keep your mother or neighbor in mind Creating content is empathetic work.

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So A Rejection Is Soon

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your target groups. What do they want to know? What prior knowlge do they already have about the subject? And what questions are they looking for an answer to? You can conduct interviews or surveys for this. Don’t have time for that? Then do Consumer Lead online research. In addition, it helps to think of someone you know who falls under the target group. Your mother, for example. Or your neighbour. What would they like to know about the subject? . Give concrete examples Suppose you write an article about the environmental vision of a municipality  Pretty abstract.

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