Giving relevance to the content or making it valuable for. The people who consume it from a blog or social networks is. An aspect of great importance today, since data from .A pew research center study indicates that more than half of .The Bolivia B2B List people within the 18 to 49 year olds get their news and information .From online platforms and this number is increasing. However, surely more than trying to satisfy .The audience’s need for information. Companies generate content in order to boost their strategies because. As is already known thanks to the content marketing institute. Content drives conversion rates 6 times higher than others. Methods and also generates 3.5x more traffic as reported by hubspot.

However, Surely More Than Trying to Satisfy the Audience’s

But nowadays not everything is about just generating content. Pieces that add value must be created, as this is also due to the .New measures that search engines have taken. To improve the position in their search ranking with respect to Bolivia B2B List quality or relevance. In this sense. It is interesting to know the types of content that can .Be considered valuable, which according to the business2community platform would be. The following: teaching: an effective way to add value to. The audience and consumers to make the content more important .Is when it provides them with knowledge, that is.

 An effective way to add value to the audience and

Bolivia B2B List

It gives them a lesson on a particular topic. To identify topics to be discussed where people can be taught.It is advisable to Bolivia B2B List use social listening , which will allow them to better understand the doubts or problems they face. Transparent: this next form of valuable content is the one .Provides information about the company, the product or service without hiding anything. That is, transparent information. This is a good boost to consumer confidence. An aspect that is important for things like loyalty. From stories. Involving storytelling is the third form of valuable content that we. Will talk about. Data from a study conducted at stanford found that.63 percent of participants managed to remember more of a story than a statistic.

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