After naming your project, select continue, then find the Get a number button on your Twilio dashboard. To make calls or send messages through the Twilio API, you need to have a Twilio phone number. Screenshot showing settings on the Twilio dashboard Here you can choose the default number Twilio recommends. Or you can select Search for a different number to find another. Screenshot showing settings from the.

Twilio APIyou need to have Your Number

Twilio dashboard If you choose another phone number, make sure it’s SMS capable (see check boxes below the number for capabilities). Finally, let’s test Iran Phone Number that your number is set up. From your personal cell phone (the same one you used to verify your Twilio account), send a text message to your new Twilio phone number. You should receive a reply that says something like “Sent from your Twilio trial account.

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Finally, let’s test that Your Number

Screenshot showing an sms thread Now let’s remove that pesky autoreply. Visit this link and select your new phone number. On the Configure tab, delete the “” URL inside Messaging > A Message Comes In. Screenshot showing settings on the Twilio dashboard Save your changes, and send one more test message to your Twilio number to ensure the default autoreply is disabled. Lastly, make sure to upgrade your account by adding $10 or more to remove the “trial” status.

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