The list of interactive tools is extensive and each of them offers particular benefits. Here are some examples: ebooks; emails; mobile games; surveys and polls; webinars; Applications; augmented reality media; flow charts, troubleshooting tools, and diagnostic tests; 360º interactive videos. Allowing users to share their experiences with friends is important, so make sure social media buttons are always close at hand.

Allowing users to share their experiences

Take advantage of word of mouth marketing and make sure you plan your strategy and monitor the results. Sooner than you think, the return on CMO Email Lists investment will be visible in the value of your brand! Did this topic interest you? So, continue learning, download our ebook on Branding and become a specialist in the subject! A look at what the world of marketing was like in 2020 and what trends and traits are most important to marketing success in 2021. Find out in this article what worked in 2020.

6min read 2020 Marketing Takeaways

CMO Email Lists

What the top trends were, the biggest mistakes made, and what marketing will look like. market in 2021. Editor Rock Content February 3, 21 | 6min read 2020 Marketing Takeaways On the marketing takeaways, 2020 was a year for the record books. Companies had to adapt and, furthermore, they had to do so in a hurry and in the midst of a context marked by uncertainty.

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