Dropping from a 6% to 3.2% clickthrough rate (CTR) in the last 7 years.[*] This is why Twilio, an SMS API, is becoming a game-changer for savvy marketers. Twilio: Has 40,000 customers including Airbnb, Lyft, and Yelp[*] Went public in 2016 at $1.07 billion[*] Is still affordable (< $0.01 per text) Today I’m going to show you how to leverage the superpowers of Twilio’s SMS automation in your ecommerce marketing stack to achieve double-digit engagement rates from your fans and potential customers.

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What the heck do I know about ecommerce marketing? I’m the founder of Fomo, a social proof marketing platform that helps thousands of ecommerce websites drive Indonesia Phone Number and convert traffic on their store. 1 How SMS Marketing Automation Works 2 SMS Automation Tools You Need 3 Set Up Your Inbound SMS Automation 4 Set Up Your Outbound SMS Automation 5 Add Your Phone Number To Your Ecommerce Site 6 Sync Your SMS Contacts With.

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Google Sheets HOW SMS MARKETING AUTOMATION WORKS A potential shopper comes to your online store. They may not want to subscribe to your emails. But text messages? Easy. Lightweight. Personal. Approachable. (It’s so simple and safe, in fact, that the SMS we’re using to power this strategy will automatically unsubscribe your contacts if they say “stop” in a reply.) I’ll show you how to let shoppers on your ecommerce site.

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