Yet of employers have no recruitment problem. They rarely call in an expensive M&S agency and almost always have plenty of qualifi candidates to draw from. Also read Werkenbij websites: which of these types do you use? But how do you achieve that in this day and age? It brings us to the following tips. Tip Think from the candidate’s point of view The most important step is thinking from the candidate’s point of view. Especially now you will have to take a good look at who you are actually looking for. A vacancy holder often has a specific idea for the ideal candidate. If you look further into the team, you will see that the picture of what is ne can vary. Facilitate people talking to each other to get an idea of ​​who the ideal candidate is. It is also important to take a good look at what you as an organization can add.

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So your Employer Value Proposition . This value proposition indicates what value you add for your current and future employees and forms the basis of your recruitment. You think about the question ‘what makes you unique as an employer’? You map out your USPs  unique El Salvador Phone Number selling points You do this not only by actually naming what you can offer, but also by involving your current employees. What makes their workplace worth getting out of b every day? To map out your add value, it is therefore good to sit together with people from different layers in the organization.

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Conduct interviews, create personas of your ideal candidates and use job market data to see how you can reach and suce the right candidates. Tip Show your Consumer Lead organization Give the outside world an insight into your organization. Translate your Employer Value Proposition to the labor market and build a strong employer brand . Make use of images in particular. We process images , times faster than text, so images convey a feeling much faster. This way you quickly create a connection with people who are interest in your organization. Show photos and videos that show the diversity of your employees and do not use stock photos.

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