A few months ago we talked thinking about the audience before executing a .Marketing strategy is a reality for industry professionals. However, despite the fact that it is one of the most basic .Maxims that can be counted many go unnoticed in order to see the effects that .Can be generated. Especially in current trends. Such as video. When making video content, highlighting visually generates .Actionable leads that can be marketed in a creative and interesting way. In social networks such as facebook, twitter or instagram. This type of format has increased due to the fact that .It presents a greater response from users. According to an analysis by the company comscore. In regions such as latin america, there has been a 67 percent. Increase in this format in the last year on different digital platforms. The reason for the above data is equivalent to the. Space where the majority of digital users are today.

Pensar en La Audiencia Antes De Ejecutar Una Estrategia

According to marketing profs. Including a video on a sales page can increase conversion by 80 percent. And google gives 53 times more chances of appearing in the. Web positioning ranking when videos are used. However, as I stated at .The beginning  you have to think about different factors .To be able to Belize WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists succeed correctly. Although videos can .Be made and created with different simple techniques. Thanks to the use of digital tools, it is not easy to implement. A general strategy in this regard. Selecting the right type of video. For your needs, based on your customers’ interests. And adjusting to the language. Of social platforms can change your operating perspective at. A broader margin. Especially in sme strategies. Since having less team and organization. It can be more complicated to develop as a large company.

Al Momento De Hacer Contenido De Video, Destacar De Manera

Belize WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Which has a complex marketing structure under its arm. How should smes act? First. You have to think about the content that will be made. What the consumer is looking for is value and quality. Since they have a better response. Marketing profs indicates that there are .Four types of content that are used to develop the video work of .A small and medium-sized company: explanatory videos. They have an attention rate of 32 percent. As long as they are between 1 and 3 minutes long. Personalized videos they have an attention rate of 38.60 percent. As long as they last from 30 seconds to one minute demonstration videos.

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