There are many cult tv series that have marked our adolescence. We empathized with the characters. We guessed and cheered, including episodes of friends, dawson creek. The oc and william & grace. For some years, however, there has been a Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists netflix tv series that has become.A real social phenomenon: sex education . Tv series that tries to unhinge from episode to episode many of the social stigmas on our body and .On intimacy even between people of the same sex. Sex education phenomenon sex education and the taboos on sex did we need a series about sex. The answer is yes! The reason everyone talks about this series is that its title is also .The central topic of the story: sex. The series is as genius as the subject matter should be natural. Unlike the tv series we grew up with.

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Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

Because? Because today the aims of the TV series have changed. They must not only entertain or distract us from the problems of our daily life, but they must also promote social behavior and overcome the taboos that have been handed down to us. The birth of the series and its social significance Sex Education is a British TV series launched by Netflix in 2019. Its creation stems from a very common need Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists the UK: to introduce the School of Sex Education. We often hear about how to educate teens about sex or how to prevent some sexually transmitted diseases. Here, Netflix tries to solve the problem. Of course, we can’t think that the series gives real lessons in sexuality,

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But it raises awareness of the subject . In fact, through the lightness with which.  The awareness of one’s own sexuality, on the other hand, is the basis for a person’s self-esteem and his ability to relate to others. The characters of sex education and Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists their fears how much do we and teens really know about male .And female genitals, premature ejaculation or our sexuality regardless .Of your partner? Our generation grew up sexually with the stereotype of porn movies. Where sexual performance involves neither physical insecurities nor gestures. The protagonists of sex education.

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