The podcast, although it has been around for years. Is still a current format today. Data obtained from a worldwide study. By linkedin marketing solutions indicates .That 42 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 .And 34 listen to a podcast at least once a week. By 25 percent globally, according to data presented .By the garrett. Where the main one is the smartphone according to data from iab mexico. This is undoubtedly in the interest of the Grenada B2B List brands because. It is another component where they can take their presence and in this sense it. Is very important to know what actions they can execute for .The development of a podcast. Here are 5 tips that are very helpful.

The Podcast, Although It Has Been Around for Years

Since the relevance of the podcast depends on this. To determine this, a brand or company can use what it. Analyzes in other channels such as social networks. Maintain subtlety when necessary. ​​integrating into the Grenada B2B List world of the podcast. Does not necessarily imply that the brand .Is the one that creates it and that is why .This point stands out. When it comes to sponsorship. Taking into account that it is not full of brand messages or.  Attempt to advertise something, as this could generate results contrary to what expected.

This Is Undoubtedly in the Interest of the

Grenada B2B List

Designate a space for conversation: podcasts come to greatly .Strengthen engagement with the audience and for this reason it is .Good for a firm to designate a space. Such as social networks, in which people can .Comment on their opinions because in Grenada B2B List this way the existing .Relationship between consumer and brand .Can be strengthened. Generate additional content: finally. When working with podcasts, it is important to know that .They can be used by reusing content, that is. They can be taken to other formats that could even generate better results. The idea is to take advantage of the materials created. to take them to other channels and be able to offer more content.

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