It is a fact that youtube’s new measures will make things more complicated .For content creators and brands that add their efforts to this platform. According to Maldives B2B List platform data presented in june 2017. Youtube has a community of monthly active users that amounts to 1.5 billion .And therefore it will not be easy for brands to want .To abandon such an opportunity, devoting their efforts to a .Format that also , by 2021, it will contribute 82 percent of web traffic, according to. Data from the cisco systems vni report. But what should content creators .And companies do to be able to take advantage of that percentage in a scenario where .The platform has tightened its policies. One option could be to change to another but it. Is difficult to leave behind all the ground gained,

It is a fact that the new measures of YouTube will make the

Generation and regular publication the first point is about being consistent with the. Creation of videos, just like in channels like social networks. It is necessary to establish a schedule and stick to. It to generate anticipation in the audience. In the Maldives B2B List case of companies. Continuous generation provides material to the sales team to. Have material to lean on to do their job.  Focus on the. First few seconds when it comes to videos, the first seconds are always essential to. Captivate the audience, so it is essential to work with this approach to. Generate an immediate impact. This is especially important for brands.

When It Comes To Videos, The First Seconds Always

Maldives B2B List

especially those that place their ads in the pre-roll of other videos. – Strategic use of CTAs The call to action is one of the best elements to Maldives B2B List get subscribers, leads or conversions. This makes it necessary to add it to encourage the audience to take actions such as sharing, subscribing, liking or commenting. Just use them strategically with your video content. Optimization of Titles and Descriptions As we have already mentioned on other occasions, the video must integrate some SEO elements to enhance its presence in search engines such as Google and in YouTube’s internal search engine, for this it is necessary to add keywords in Titles, Descriptions and Tags that can work in relation with the topic being talked about, this will generate better visibility or position in the search engine

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