Tinder is one of the largest dating platforms in the world with a total of 50 million active users. According to data from priori data, during 2017 tinder. Which belongs to the match group, ranked as the seventh most important application. In terms of revenue within google play with a total .Of 19.79 million dollars; it occupies the same position within the apple app store with a total of 22.03 million dollars in revenue. In fact, it is one of the Italy B2B List most important dating platforms in the world with. A total of 50 million active users , who register close to a. Billion clicks within the app, while connecting more than 12 million people. The scope and potential of this industry -valued at around 3.5 billion euros-. Is evident; however, we recently reported that it was put at risk .

Tinder Is One of the Largest Dating Platforms in the World

And it is that the security firm in mobile applications, checkmarks . Discovered that when two or more users use the .Same wifi network to access tinder, it is possible. That among them they know the rejection actions that. Other people have executed, know the images shared .And post images on behalf of another user. 00:05 / 00:15 00:11 / 00:15 the issue became a. Concern for the millions of users of the platform, so the managers. Have no choice but to Italy B2B List respond to this. Thus, the firm has titled its response as “Position before alleged security flaw” . In which it placed the following: “At tinder we take .The security and privacy of our users seriously. We use a network of. Tools and systems to protect the integrity of the platform. With that said. It’s important to clarify that tinder is a globally .Free global platform, and the images we use are profile images.

In fact, it is one of the most important dating platforms

Italy B2B List

Which are available to anyone who swipes through the app. Like any other technology company, we are constantly improving our defenses in the Italy B2B List battle against malicious hackers. For example, our desktop and mobile web platform already encrypt profile images, and we’re also working to encrypt images within our mobile app experience. However, we don’t go into more detail about the specific security tools we use or enhancements we can implement to keep hackers from knowing.” In the end, the security accusations are becoming more serious every day, as users agree that it is important to maintain the anonymity of their actions on social networks of this nature, it is only enough to remember the terrible crisis from which Ashley Madison has not yet recovered.

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