Consumers are looking for stories behind brands and companies. A podcast can play an important role in this, because it lends itself to telling (background) stories. Innovations and new technologies are making it increasingly easier for creators and listeners to create and listen to podcasts. Since the well-known C-word came into the picture, public confidence in the government has fallen sharply. Now that the corona crisis seems to be coming to an end, you can gradually start wondering how you can regain that confidence. The use of social mia is a great way to start with this. How do you do that? We would like to explain this to you in this article using four handy tips! There you are as a municipality, ministry or other government organization with your good behavior.

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You are active on social mia, you are there where your resident is, interact and monitor what is going on. You get closer to your target group step by step and you achieve the Bahamas Phone Number first successes. And then there was the C word. First there is still room for solidarity (‘we will tackle this together’), then unrest (‘how long will this take?’) and then degenerate into distrust (‘do they actually know what they are doing?’). Final score: public confidence in the government has once again taken a serious blow. For example, we read in Het Parool ‘In a year and a half, the percentage of Dutch people who have a lot of confidence.

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By Starting With An Online Store

In the government has fallen drastically from percent in April last year to less than percent in September . universities and several municipalities.’ Regain trust Consumer Lead We can scratch our heads, wonder how this is possible and where this mistrust comes from. But practical and solution-orient as we are as (online) communication professionals, we prefer to focus on a solution. Regain trust, prove ourselves and fight for our goal: gradually ruce the distance between government and society. Social mia are not the ultimate solution, but they are certainly the start of a solution. How do you handle that? We give you four tips for free.

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