Screenshot showing account information (If you prefer to continue this guide first. Everything will work on your personal cell phone, just remember to revisit this step before going live on your website.) SET UP YOUR INBOUND SMS AUTOMATION In this section. You’ll configure the logic for the text message autoreply your website visitors can receive.

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With your Twilio phone number in hand, log into your Zapier account and create a new Zap. With Twilio as Step Screenshot showing a zap on zapier After selecting Japan Phone Number Use this Zap. Follow the prompts to connect your Twilio account in Step 1, and input credentials using the helpful links inside the form. Screenshot showing settings on the Twilio dashboard Screenshot showing a confirmation page on the.

Japan Phone Number List

From your personal cell phone

Twilio dashboard Rename your Twilio connection to your ecommerce store name for clarity. Screenshot showing a settings page on the Twilio dashboard Select Save + Continue then select your Twilio phone number from the drop-down menu. Screenshot showing a settings page on the Twilio dashboard Assuming you’re in the United States, choose Yes in the Apply US Prefix drop-down menu. Select Continue. From your personal cell phone, send a text message to your Twilio number.

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