The copacabana trend generated 814,786 impressions on 705,612 twitter accounts. According to the specialized site tweetreach. The incident occurred at 8:00 p.M. (local time) on thursday .And according to the military police, the Togo B2B List driver was identified and taken to police district 12 in copacabana. In images posted on social networks. You can see the car moving along the platform, overtaking .The bike lane and ending up on the sand of the beach.

Reaction on Digital Platforms

 Who lost his life, according to personnel from the .Local fire department. Some social network users report that everything was because .The Togo B2B List driver had an epileptic seizure and therefore lost control of the car.  Immediately.

The Background of This Type of Event Leads to Social

Togo B2B List

Social networks reacted to the tragedy with the copacabana trend. Which generated 814 thousand 786 impressions in 705 thousand 612 twitter accounts, according to .The specialized site tweetreach . Reaction on digital platforms the Togo B2B List background of this type. Of event leads to social networks immediately thinking about terrorism. The catalan autonomous police (mossos d’esquadra) confirmed this thursday that the multiple running over. In barcelona is a terrorist attack and that the numberhowever. But it 

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