La rosa de guadalupe, the televisa series, placed marketers as the central theme of one of its episodes. The first national survey of audiovisual content consumption by.The ift (federal institute of telecommunications) revealed that 98 percent of. Households in mexico have at least one tv set , with an average of two in Tunisia B2B List Each house. Of them, 80.9 percent of the total number of people with. A television watch content from open tv channels. And it is. That this medium continues to have relevance above all because it is massive. Something that brands value. On average by region.

Now They Have Placed a Trending Topic Among Their 

in Mexico, the first open television option is the TV Azteca network, with 42.8 percent, followed by Televisa with 31.8 percent of preferences. La Rosa de Guadalupe is a Mexican television series created by Carlos Mercado Orduña and produced by Miguel Ángel Herros for Televisa, which began broadcasting in 2008 and has since been one of the main programs of the television station. Hence, they keep an eye on everything that happens in Tunisia B2B List digital conversations and news in Mexico, creating content on viral topics such as La Mars, etc. Now, they have placed a trending topic among their content, fraud originating in social networks,

It Is Worth Mentioning That They Also Integrate the Theme

Tunisia B2B List

which derives from coaching courses andwhich they put three marketers as protagonists of the sale of fake products. Marketing does not look very good “stop”. They put the subject of marketing as a course with no real benefit, since those who used it were actually scammers. In the end, they integrate the Marketers as a means to make it clear that coaching courses that include a significant investment in products and that result in Tunisia B2B List selling them is a scam. It is worth mentioning that they also integrate the theme of applications as companies that pay off quickly economically.

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