For example, you can find out very precisely where your viewers come from. This is essential information for the further roll-out of your YouTube strategy. For example, do prospects find it difficult to order from you? Do they not understand your product or service well enough to be convinc? Typical obstacles that you can make transparent with TubeBuddy and that you can easily solve with D or D animations. You are not only dependent on customer reviews (which of course strengthen the story). Accept cookies More information about D and D animations and how to get start can be found in this whitepaper ! . Provide a standard description and a good title.

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A standard description is a kind of template that you can add (automatically) at the bottom of every video. Together with a good title, it significantly increases your chances of success. For a good basis, you should at least be able to tick the following points: Provide an extensive description Netherlands Phone Number with relevant keywords Add a translation if necessary In search results, YouTube will truncate a title after characters Add links to important pages and channels Focus on the first words, they are the most important Add timestamps so they can skip directly to important clips . Don’t just get stuck in the customer journey After publishing your video, place it in relevant places in the customer journey.

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Website, newsletters, social mia You know exactly what we mean. What you should definitely include are the forums and Linking and Facebook groups that are Consumer Lead relevant to you, because that is where the very best (and most active) brand ambassadors are locat. Share your video there too! Make sure you ask yourself whether you do this under your own company name or another (own invent) alias.  Add multiple languages ​​to video! In some cases it can be recommend to give the video in YouTube multiple languages. Depending on where the viewer is locat, he or she will see the title, description and subtitles in their own language.

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