But we also see that it is useful to investigate the effects and not just Panama Phone Number List look at the sentiment of the moment. Where Talpa can continue with Derksen, Nike might also have had to discontinue. And where Akwasi continues in his way, it could have a negative Panama Phone Number List effect on both himself and BLM. There is more and more reason for organizations to transform into a purpose-driven brand. Such a transition can be very challenging. This can have an impact on your culture, strategy and innovation. In recent years we have seen a strong increase in the attention for purpose-driven brands. This is the result of an increasing awareness of the added value of purpose for an organization.

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Example: from Nuon to Vattenfall An example of a brand that has Panama Phone Number recently made a change from a sales-oriented to a purpose-driven brand is the rebranding of Nuon to Vattenfall. While Nuon initially had a strong focus on a high level of service, it eventually decided to make the transition to the Vattenfall brand. With the new brand promise of ‘living fossil-free Panama Phone Number List within one generation’. With this brand promise, Vattenfall aims to be a leader in the energy transition. This makes the organization a ‘Leader’ brand where internal. External orientation are both high. The importance of a strong purpose is increasing greatly if you ask me. I think that a clear purpose first of all gives an enormous boost to the engagement of employees.

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In addition, it ensures a higher bond of employees to the Panama Phone Number List organization. Despite the fact that price and quality are still the most important factors for making purchasing decisions. Consumers believe that brands bear an increasing responsibility for corporate social responsibility. If you don’t, you run the risk that over time you will be replaced by brands that do take this Panama Phone Number List responsibility. By integrating purpose into your brand, you will find a connection with the increasing demand for corporate social responsibility. In addition, this creates distinctive character with regard to brands that are not yet actively involved in this. Purpose makes the brand relevant not only for your target group, but also for your internal organization Purpose-driven organizations do not only take into account customers, but also the people in the organization.

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