Things to consider w how much money can be invested in social networks to. Develop campaigns that meet various marketing objectives of .The company According to data from e marketer in 2017 it .Was estimated that spending would exceed 35.98 billion dollars. Worldwide. a figure that represents 16 percent. Of all that was allocated to digital advertising. This amount which can be overwhelming .Is due to the great benefits it brings. Only behind search engine advertising. Ads on social networks are the segment that generates the most income. According to statista the estimated income for this year amounts to 51.3 billion dollars.

Como Podrás Darte Cuenta, Hoy La Publicidad Involucra Más Que

But do you know what you should do to receive some of that amount with the .Campaigns you develop for your company. According to michael brito social media strategist. Author and head of digital marketing for lewis pulse. There are 3 essential elements that make the difference .When developing a buy email lists by state campaign, these are use of good stories as you can see. Today advertising involves more than directly promoting a product or service. Creativity and the use of stories contribute more to the results. Storytelling has become essential in advertisements to guarantee a .Better impact and retain attention, as an example we can cite a study by. Hill holiday which states that consumers are willing to pay even 11 percent .More for an item when it includes a story on the product page.

Los Anuncios Para Garantizar Un Mejor Impacto Y Retener La Atenci

buy email lists by state

It is an aspect that alludes to emotional elements that become relevant .When making purchase decisions. Targeting the orientation of the. Campaigns can be seen as one of the main keys to .Obtain good results, not only in social networks it can. Also apply to email however on facebook, twitter, instagram. Etc it is where it can best be managed. Since the platforms integrate this type of. Segmentation based on various aspects, be it geographic location, gender. Interests or behavior, among others.Hen planning social media ads.

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