Here are some SEO tips: Use a hyphen (-) when words are to be separate in the URL Be concise and avoid using conjunctions Implement focus keywords in URL Enter product name Less important keywords should come last in the URL 4. Ensure easy navigation and SEO with breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs are also important to take into account for WooCommerce SEO. Search engines like Google are very fond of breadcrumbs, as. Simply put, breadcrumbs are the toolbar on your page. Here you can see where you are on the website at any time. You can see what you have presse to get to a specific subpage and how to navigate back.

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Breadcrumbs will also appear in Google’s SERP, and thus be beneficial in terms of ranking in the search engine. You can easily enable breadcrumbs in WooCommerce database using various plugins. An example of such a plugin is Breadcrumb NavXT. 5. store As mentione, Google loves unique and original content. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you do not have duplicate content on your website. You should therefore avoid having the same content on several of your pages. At the same time, it is important not to have similar content to other sites on the internet.


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If you have duplicate content, you may risk for the Consumer Lead page in question. Pay particular attention to duplicate content if you have several websites with similar text content. There are plugins that can be use to detect duplicate content. However, the easiest thing is to ensure that you only publish and create original textual content. 6. Use images with alt text When working with the search engine optimization of your WooCommerce site, you should also consider images.

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