Estimated revenue from user-generated content on social media reached $3.093 billion. With modifications such as the New Zealand Business Fax List recent update of. The facebook algorithm, much has been said about .The disappearance of the organic reach that brands can have on social networks. In fact, according to information from various media. With constant readjustments in their algorithms, the average organic reach .Of each post on facebook has decreased between 45 and 75 percent. Which means that each published post only represents a ‘natural’ reach of between 6 and 3 percent. Faced with this panorama. The strategic marketing and communication teams that support brands must look. For alternative ways to maintain visibility and relevance on social interaction platforms. Where although advertising services and solutions are an option, they are not the only one.

With Modifications Such as the Recent Update of the Facebook

The great diamond in the rough to explore is the content generated by users. An asset that is in itself or business. According to figures from web. Pro news, e marketer and techcrunch, as of a few years ago. The estimated revenue from user-generated content on twitter. Linkedin, youtube and facebook reached $3.093 billion. The New Zealand Business Fax List importance of this type of content is not only measured in dollars and cents. But also in the influence it has on consumer purchasing decisions. Brand building and conversation generation. From business insider. They indicate that buyers who interact with the content generated by .Other users are 97 percent more likely to generate a conversion compared. To people who do not engage with this type of information. In this line.

 In fact, according to information from various media, with

New Zealand Business Fax List

There are some brands that have benefited from this type of content. At least that’s what a global study by bradwatch reveals. The New Zealand Business Fax List research focused on studying the presence of brand logos in. Photographs that were shared by consumers on twitter and instagram and that . Firm with the greatest organic reach thanks to user-generated content. Since its logo appeared in an average of 889.

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