Tubebuddy helps you to some extent, but as a team really pay attention to it and don’t make -in-a-dozen videos. A good briefing is important here. . Be complete Don’t just convince the visitor to look, help them find what they’re looking for. Always provide a video with good, relevant tags, links to landing pages or blogs and activate the viewer with calls to actions to further orientate towards your products or services. By adding chapters you help your target group even better to find what they are looking for, without them having to worry about it themselves. YouTube also has its own subtitles tool in which you can ‘type along’ live while watching the video. Especially with short videos a very nice way to add subtitles.

The Customer Has No Time

Subtitles are always important to add. Even if the language is Dutch; many people watch videos – for example on Facebook – without sound. . Have a good conversation (and invest time in it too) Even when you’ve thought of everything, many – even the most experienc YouTube marketers – forget the most important thing; consistently engage in conversation with the target audience. We regularly see that many Indonesia Phone Number comments remain unanswer. Or even worse: that there was no response at all. A waste of the potential extra range! YouTube wants to see that you are involv in your own videos and rewards that too. Post a comment under your own video to get the conversation start.

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Or Interest In A Payment Process

You can also show your expertise by responding to questions among other videos! Flying start? Download the briefing template for free . Make success prictable with Consumer Lead TubeBuddy Your best (and smartest) friend from now on. The top keywords, tips for a more effective channel, a thumbnail generator Our advice: link this plugin to your channel or your customer now, then download the Chrome extension and take advantage of it! You quickly see where the opportunities lie and know exactly ‘what’ you ne to make to make your YouTube channel a success.

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