This friday the 2018 pyeong chang winter olympics were officially opened in south korea. This friday the 2018 pyeong chang winter olympics were .Officially opened in south korea one of the most important sporting. Events for this year and, without a doubt a great showcase for brands. It is barely the first day and the trends. In social networks are invaded by them with 163 thousand .Tweets only for the #openingceremony hashtag but they. Have a presence with others such as #pyeongchang2018 and #winterolympicgames. In addition in mexico there is the olympic games tag.

This Friday the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Were

Although not only the video of the inauguration monopolizes the attention. But also three other eventualities. The first is the flag bearer highlighting the mexico brand . Germán madrazo wore a charro suit and the national flag. Led the mexican group that paraded in the olympic stadium. Athletes from nepal mobile number list north and south korea made history . Two countries divided since 1945, paraded under a flag with the. Korean peninsula in blue on a white background and amid a. Resounding ovation from the 35,000 spectators who packed the olympic stadium. The flag bearers of the unified team, who wore white coats.

Aunque No Sólo Acaparan La Atención Los Video De La Inaugura

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Were ice hockey player hwang chung-gum and south korean bowler won yun-jong. Taufatofua , who will compete in pyeongchang in cross-country skiing, appeared as tonga’s flag-bearer with .His bare torso smeared with oil and sandals to the surprise of all those present and even. More so with the cold weather in the south korean city. (up to -2º in the time of the ceremony). The tongan athlete rose to fame in.

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