This year, the mcu presents two tapes part of its phase 3, one of them is ant-man and the wasp. Which, by the way, has just presented its first official trailer. This year, the marvel cinematic universe (mcu) presents two tapes part of its phase 3. One of them is ant-man and the wasp, following the tone of humor and lots of action that. By the way, has just presented its first official trailer . The progress shared this morning on Switzerland Business Fax List marvel’s social networks caused an impact, to the extent that it is a global trend on twitter with more than 22 thousand tweets while on facebook it exceeds 3 million views and, of course. A lot of digital conversation. In addition, they presented a new poster for the film. Since marvel and Disney confirmed “Ant-man and the wasp”. A sequel to the first film “Ant-man” generated great expectation . Especially with hope van dyne/the wasp, played by Evangeline lily. Who has been an important part for marketing actions by sharing some preview images of his character.

This Year, the Mcu Presents Two Tapes Part of Its Phase

In ant-man and the wasp, the story is centered on the character of scott .Lang/ant-man (paul rudd) and the problems he will face after making .The decision to be a hero and a family man at the same .Time (after the happened in captain america : civil war ). As well as the legal conflicts that will overwhelm the. Pym due to Switzerland Business Fax List their association with lang , so hope will have to be a very important part of the solution. This is the second installment of this franchise. That debuted alone in 2015 and that did not do badly at all, achieving just over 519 million dollars at the box office . According to box office data. Once again. Marvel and disney have a good timing to start their campaigns and marketing actions.

Which, by the Way, Has Just Presented Its First Official

Switzerland Business Fax List

the first official trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp appears as Black Panther will be present on the movie screens -so I’m sure the trailer will be screened before each performance- , since we are only a few weeks away from its premiere and, after a constant bombardment in recent days for its promotion on social networks and the media, it Switzerland Business Fax List will surely begin to make way for the other two MCU tapes that will arrive this year . Ant-Man and the Wasp, will arrive on July 6, 2018 and in it they repeat in addition to Lily as The Wasp, Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, while the direction is in charge of Peyton Reed.

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