Some iphone users are reporting through twitter a strange error in.Facebook messenger that prevents them from using the. Application and there is no way to solve it. Some iphone users are reporting through twitter .A strange error in facebook messenger that prevents them from using .The application and there is no way to solve it. It is Réunion B2B List a fact that instant messaging services have become a basic application for.Communication for millions of people, and they are .Also consolidating themselves as a fundamental tool in marketing. Without a doubt, whatsapp leads the segment, although facebook messenger. Is showing signs of getting closer to already matching the number. Of users of the application . According to projected data in statista, both have more than 1.3 billion users worldwide.

The Messenger Freezes After They Type a Few

The growth of the facebook messenger has a lot to do with the large number .Of changes and functions that it has launched in recent years . Including instagram-style stories or. The huge number of bots used by various brands in order to connect with users. However, the Réunion B2B List app is not perfect. Between yesterday and today. Some iphone users have expressed through twitter that .A strange bug in the facebook messenger keyboard prevents them from using the application. According to posted messages, users report that the messenger freezes after they.Type a few words in a chat window.

Facebook Messenger Has a Lot to Do With the Large

Réunion B2B List

Attempts to resolve the failure (restart the plantation or delete it and download. It again) are unsuccessful. Apparently, the failure. Is Réunion B2B List known to facebook, which is investigating. The causes, however, “For now there is no news from the company about what .Is causing it and how it plans to solve it ,” a company spokesperson explained to techcrunch . The problem seems to only affect some iphone users, so it would not .Be a bug that manifests itself in the more.Than one billion active users of the application. However, if not fixed, it could become a bigger problem. Remember that facebook messenger is currently working on several changes.At least that is what david marcus, vice president of facebook messenger, promised this week.

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