The tweets explaining that the song “It costs me so much to forget you” by mecano .Contains an advertisement began to flood social networks. It all started with a series of publications. That took up information from the year 1990. The tweets explaining that the song “It costs me so much. To forget you” by mecano contains an advertisement. Began to flood social networks. And it is that “The visible face is .An advertisement for signal” drew the attention of users from. Countries in which the brand of toothpaste is not sold. In mexico, for example.

The Tweets Explaining That the Song “It Costs Me So

Some understood it as “The visible face is a nuncio designal”. And although they did not know exactly what the lyrics referred to. They accepted it as they heard it. Hence, the fury that has caused in social networks and the. Dominican Republic WhatsApp Numbers positive for the brand, which after almost 20 years found in the theme of Mecano, an excellent promotional channel.

It All Started With a Series of Publications That Took Up

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Numbers

Signal is a paste also marketed under the Pepsodent (Asia and Latin America), Mentadent (Italy), Zhong Hua (China), Aim (Greece) and P/S (Vietnam) brands. According to Unilever Spain , “it takes care of approximately 70 percent of the world’s mouths.”

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