so you’ll have to rely on the publicly-available Qatar Phone Number tools to find a manufacturer. There are two general groups that these fall into: Pre-screened platforms Qatar Phone Number like Sourcify. This is the platform I built to pre-screen factories and make sure they’re Qatar Phone Number up to standard. My goal was to eliminate the hassle, frustration and language barrier that comes with finding Qatar Phone Number a trusted Chinese manufacturer. There is a flat fee for the service starting from $799, but our clients have found that the time and money saved has outweighed the cost.

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Open marketplaces like Alibaba and Qatar Phone Number Global Sources. These are massive marketplaces, and there are just as many trading companies and wholesalers on it Qatar Phone Number as  there are actual manufacturers. Alibaba is huge, and they have a huge variety of Qatar Phone Number producers, trading companies, and wholesalers rubbing elbows—with no easy way to tell which is which. For example, Qatar Phone Number can you tell from this Alibaba listing if these are suppliers, manufacturers or trading companies? Screenshot showing suppliers for “machinery”

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You can’t always tell on Alibaba. Global Qatar Phone Number Sources is another traditional marketplace similar to. Alibaba that’s commonly used for overseas Qatar Phone Number sourcing. When you start looking, there’s a dizzying array of product categories. And as you start Qatar Phone Number trying to narrow down it can be a little intimidating. One way you can start to narrow your search is by filtering Qatar Phone Number by “Verified Business Types” (pictured below). Screenshot showing a search. If you want to make sure you’re buying from a factory and not a middleman,

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