The updates are often roll out there earlier than in the Netherlands. Make sure the content is of good quality, be visible locally and capitalize on the importance of images. Google strives to be as relevant as possible. We therefore expect more and more updates to ensure that users are offer even more relevant content in the SERP. With SEO you can respond very well to this with the above advice. Of course there are also other SEO optimization options that I have not mention. Do you have a nice tip or addition? Then please leave a comment. Together, let’s ensure that SEO specialists can continue to make an impact. Anyone with a smartphone can create and distribute video news.

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Many people do that too. As a communication manager, you can make use of the efforts of your employees and give video a prominent place in your Canada Phone Number communication mix. But how do you keep a grip on what your employees say about your organization, without having to act like a police officer? Video communication is an extremely powerful means to achieve (strategic) communication objectives. Your organization can achieve a lot with your own news. Especially if you set it up in a plann and structur way. Video communication therefore deserves a prominent place in the mia mix of every organization.

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I see that more and more organizations – including smaller ones – want to take control of their reputation and want to visualize their own news. Responding to Consumer Lead current events with news items, making reports on relevant topics and responding to themes that play a role in the company, the market or society. Because that way you become more visible as an organization and the public clearly knows what you stand for. However, existing production processes in video communication are unnecessarily slow, complicat and expensive. They therefore stand in the way of the adoption of the effective use of video.

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