Did you know there’s a place on your website that 8 out of 10 real estate investors overlook that can cause your best prospects to R&D Directors Email Lists leave your website every day? The page that is often the 2nd most visited page on your website. The page that can push someone to work with you or push them away from you just to work with your competitors. What is this page that has so much weight in your site’s overall trust and credibility? This is R&D Directors Email Lists your about page . Yeah, that page you skim and say “I’ll come back and finish later” that maybe makes people distrust your site and your business. And maybe…just maybe… you may have already lost a case because of it.

You May Have Already Lost a Case Because of It

How much does a lost deal cost you This blog post will show you how to make sure you don’t let deals and leads slip through your fingers anymore and explain why this about page is so important (backed by science). Ready? Great, let’s go! The R&D Directors Email Lists science behind how we look at websites (YES, you do too about page optimization test Building a real estate investor website that works is both an art and a whole lot of science . Over the past 3 years as we have grown Investor Carrot, we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of split tests on real estate investing websites all over the country, for all types of leads, up to hundreds thousands of leads for our members and one thing we found to be the same in all the tests we did, is this.

The About Page Has Always Been One of the Top

R&D Directors Email Lists

The about page has always been one of the top 3 most visited pages on all sites and it’s one of the most engaged pages on any site. Each site. Not one. Quite many. Every site we tested on showed us that a significant portion of visitors go to R&D Directors Email Lists the about page to learn more about that company and see if it’s a credible solution to their problem. Below are some heatmaps of split tests we’ve run on Carrot member motivated seller sites across the country. Additionally, we have added a heatmap from our own website oncarrot.com just to show you that this is not a phenomenon specific to real estate investing. See how it’s integrated into our human psychology Below are these heatmaps that show the click pattern of motivated real estate sellers on these websites.

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