When it comes to finding a workspace employers and employees. Around the world have to adjust to the new work environment. Which is adapting to today’s digital needs. In which the use of smartphones and work online they have a .Greater opportunity to stand out. Especially with the new generations. Which have a more adequate projection of current business models. Generations such as the millennial or the z decide .To bet on training in one of these types of jobs. Demanded through the use of the internet. Many of them students begin to see their available job. Options before concluding that stage of their life. However.

When It Comes to Finding a Workspace, Employers and

it is often difficult to find the best way to start your job search. According to the social platform for professionals and companies LinkedIn, Amazon has taken the China WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists first place in the list of the most popular companies, having hired twice as many graduates in 2017 than any other company. In addition, according to their own estimates, software engineers are the ones that generate the greatest demand, they already have around 50,000 jobs in this branch available for recent graduates.

Especially With the New Generations, Which Have a More

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At the same time, the Freelancer platform indicates that more and more SMEs are turning to external support for core business functions, not just large companies. Jobs such as Script programming, Copy Typing, Data Processing or managing a Blog become more relevant for people, they were the jobs that had the highest growth in the first two quarters of 2017. The reality of the banker In this way, LinkedIn indicates that the most popular jobs for graduates must cover a wide range of functions , which shows a wide variety of positions for students when entering a company. The list of companies that are hiring the most graduates is as follows:

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