For every community manager, social media manager and marketer. It is important to know every detail of the efforts that you develop in the social networks that you occupy within your strategy or that you can incorporate. Within this spectrum. Pinterest can be seen, a social network that. Due to its qualities has become ideal for fashion. Gardening, home, diy projects and gastronomy brands. According to information presented by statista.

For Every Community Manager, Social Media Manager and.

Its importance lies in the fact that it is an indicator costa rica email list that demonstrates the scope and effectiveness of the publications made by the company under this concept. Saved Pins The “saves” are like the equivalent of the Facebook share function and give us an. Based on the number of times a person considers it good or valuable. Analyzing this

Although It Has 200 Million Monthly Active Users, According to.

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This metric should be analyzed from the profile section and the website section. Clicks To be very brief, this metric indicates the referred traffic to the website and its pages coming from Pinterest.

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