For a municipality, a local ‘famous’ person can already generate a large reach and increase your cribility. . There is more than a perfect, white, young or older man To ruce the distance to your resident, entrepreneur or other stakeholder, you will also have to embody your target group. Scroll through your timelines. Do you mainly see older, white men? Or rather young, handsome people with a matching Prodent smile? Nothing against older white men, or against Prodent, but the result is that you do not appeal to a large part of your target group. After all, we know that someone likes to identify with whoever they see.

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An important condition, therefore, if you have an important message to convey or want people to think along with you or participate. Prodent smile Source Canvas. So take a critical look at your content. Are you still using the standard stock photos of unrealistically “perfect” people? That is really no Armenia Phone Number longer possible. Forget Photoshop, forget lighting, forget everything that was standard a decade or so ago. Times have chang. People want diverse, real, raw, the reality. As if they could play a role in your content themselves. Less the news fe that is perfectly stag, more current and real stories. This is also reflect in the earlier example of the GFT campaign of the municipality of Oegstgeest.

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The portraits show reality and are certainly not polish. We see different ages, from young to old. Most residents of the municipality will recognize themselves in this Consumer Lead and are more likely to adopt the message (‘we all separate waste’). Also read: tips for your unclear (government) text . Dare to show yourself and be vulnerable Finally, we believe that it can help a lot if you really dare to be yourself. With influencers on social mia, we see that it is precisely the more raw, unit content that is successful. So don’t opt ​​for a professional camera crew and a tightly direct it video for your annual Christmas message, but present yourself vlogging in selfie mode.

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