Google Certified Partner. Specialized in the planning and implementation of campaigns on Google. Facebook. Twitter. and other Ad-Networks. How to make an effective home page by Betiana del Rio | June 3.

2022 | Web Design and Development The main page of your website is your cover letter and the section where most visitors will arrive. If you are interested in knowing how to make an effective home page. We recommend you continue reading.

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In this note. We will see the importance of the homepage. What functions it must fulfill Jamaica phone number and what it cannot lack to generate high impact. Home Page Features The home. Or main page. Is the place where users arrive when they write.

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Google. Or reference pages that point to that address . In general. It will be the first impression received by those who want to know more about your product or service. The fundamental objective is to ensure that the user who arrived remains interested. In other words.

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To continue browsing and move on to the next section through an action (which can be watching a video. Buying. Reading. Etc). For this to happen. It is essential that the home page allows the visitor to find exactly what he wants. As quickly as possible. Those of us who write.

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