The world of the internet knows no limits. Every day platforms are created that promote interaction between. Brands and users and this has had as a response the development of content. Which range from the visual to the attitudinal. The purpose is. To Nigeria B2B List have guidelines to follow so that the community has .A better performance of interrelation with each other. With more than 2 million posts.To social media and other webpages daily, according to data from social metrix. Having a strategy that promotes material, as well as making content stand out. Will be paramount. One thing is clear: there is too much content for people to .Read and stop to look at it; however, the difference could be in the visual.

Web Daily According to Social Metrix Data

As it is promoted as something exceptional and unique. Also because it can be useful for the user, in such a way that the. User feels benefited. Presenting content like videos, infographics. And posters that are visually engaging and easy to Nigeria B2B List digest will spark a post. Whether it’s from a brand, company, or user. Importance of visual content. Up to 65 percent of visual content is remembered three days later studies have .Shown that people can remember 65 percent of visual content almost three days later. Compared to 10 percent of written content after reading it. People share infographics 3 times more than any other type. Of content infographics are a great way to share information visually.

Also Because It May Be Useful For The User Of Such

Nigeria B2B List

41.5 percent of marketers say graphics, like infographics, are more valuable; even above GIFS. People follow visual instructions better than written instructions One of the reasons multiple images or infographics are so effective is Nigeria B2B List because people follow them and can read them better. In fact, they can follow them 3 times easier than written instructions. 74 percent of marketers use images in their social media content Visual content can also help promote social media posts. From videos to graphics, this type of content always has the highest rate of shares and comments.

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