The growth history of a B-side hardware product manager. Choosing a career is a very important issue. Sometimes a good starting point is to determine the speed of personal growth over a long period of time. Often, newcomers to the workplace are often caught in the quagmire of choices when faced. With various choices and various suggestions. Especially if you are just entering the workplace. You are not very clear about what kind of benefits various. Companies can bring to you.

The author has worked in the field of B-side hardware for many years. Observed many companies in the process of practicing. And also had some exchanges with many fellow engineers. I will share with you the companies I have seen in the course of my career. Describe the business methods and work processes of the companies. And perhaps bring some new perspectives to your career choices.

The author went from a B-side hardware design company engineer to a logic engineer. To a startup company project leader, and finally embarked on the career path. Of a B-side product manager. Looking back on these experiences now. I can also have some conclusions and inspirations for my longer-term career in the future.

Company A

Business status introduction

Company A is the author’s old employer, and its main Malaysia Phone Number products are professional testing instruments for the power industry. The company can rank among the top 5 in the industry, and the company has been established for more than 20 years. The main customers of the company are electric power research institutes, transmission and distribution management units, and related power equipment manufacturers in the electric power industry. The product application field is very specific, the industry application is relatively narrow, and the degree of specialization is high. The competition barriers of products are relatively high, mainly in the aspects of sales channels and testing business specialization.

Occupational status

The author has worked in company A for more than 3 years, and this is my first old employer.

In company A, I have grown from a newly graduated hardware novice to a person who can independently design key boards and complete related selection work independently. Later, I was directly responsible for the system architecture design, board design, and signal flow processing of two key models of products. Work. From a small hardware newbie to how to build a framework for complex instrumentation design, how to gather a group of software and hardware engineers to complete a heavy-duty product with a design cycle of more than one year.

Although Company A is one of the top companies in the industry and has accumulated a lot of expertise, its management process is not standardized.

Basically, the work is done independently,

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There is no professional counselor to provide targeted training for newly hired employees. The good thing is that the whole atmosphere of the company is better, and the work rhythm is not too slow.

When I was just working, the author gave full play to the advantages of a newcomer in the workplace – sweet mouth, as long as there is something unclear, I will break the casserole and ask to the end, and ask the company’s old employees for various questions, not only limited to hardware design.

When I first entered company A, I was groping for the use of EDA tools and how to grasp some hardware design elements. In addition to improving his hardware design level with actual design at work, he also spends a lot of time in his spare time to complete the knowledge framework of hardware design. After about 2 years of continuous consultation with old employees, I have also continued to improve the hardware design theory; at the same time, I have refined the methodology at work, and finally I can be independently responsible for the design of key product panels.

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