Media reach of the issue In addition to the power of social media. You immediately Luxembourg Phone Number List see the reach that a news site entails. Now it was important to include the press in our way of communicating in addition to a sophisticated social media approach. Each social media Luxembourg Phone Number List channel has its own message posted. Every channel has a different audience. In addition, Twitter, for example, has a limited number of words that you can post. You have to adjust your crisis communication accordingly. Crisis communication 3 Figure 3: Issue progress after intervening with communication message Figure 3 shows the final result of this issue. Sentiment is turning positive again and activity is slowing down.

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This starts on the same day and then continues. If an issue is not Luxembourg Phone Number addressed and proper crisis communication is not followed, the parabola will rise further and the issue will last longer. With long reputation damage as a result. What should you take into account in your crisis communication? Communicating on social media takes a lot of effort. This case Luxembourg Phone Number List put us on our toes again. Here are the 10 lessons you can take from this: 1. Prepare well, know what is going on with analyzes and data Analyze the issue. Data shows where your message ends up and who is picking it up. Is that the press, are they influential people or a large group of students?

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With these figures in hand, you ensure sophisticated reporting per social channel. 3. Set up a Luxembourg Phone Number List temporary and physical newsroom Reserve a room where a crisis communication team can physically come together (or a teams environment in times of corona). This allows you to switch quickly. Show the impact of the issue through data and communication is perfectly coordinated with each other. 4. Connect your first, second. Third line crisis communication together Communication issues are not a one-two punch with the first and second-line communication flows within your organization.

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