The Doctor Will Insert a Finger Into the Anus to Touch the Prostate. This Method Can Assess Whether the Prostate is Red, Swollen and Painful. Urine Test: Mainly to Rule Out Bladder Inflammation. Prostate Massage: the Doctor Will Insert Your Fingers Into the Anus Like Dre, but the Difference is That the Prostate Will Be Pressed for a Few Minutes at the Same Time to Squeeze Out the Secretions of the Prostate. Usually After the Squeeze Out, the Patient is Asked to Urinate to Check for White Blood Cells or Bacteria in the Fluid. Other Examinations: to Be Determined by the Clinical Judgment of the Physician. Such as Bladder Ultrasound, Prostate Ultrasound, X-ray and So on.

 Treatment of Prostate

Inflammation is Nigeria Phone Number Divided Into Acute and Chronic. In the Case of Acute Prostate Inflammation, Oral Antibiotics for 2 to 4 Weeks Should Be Effective. The Treatment of Chronic Prostate Inflammation is More Complicated, and There Are Several Options to Choose From: 1. Drugs Alpha Blocker: the Main Purpose is to Relax the Swollen and Inflamed Prostate Smooth Muscle to Improve Urination Symptoms. Antibiotics: in the Case of Bacterial Chronic Inflammation, Antibiotics May Be Used for More Than 6 Weeks. Anti-inflammatory Drugs: Allowing Inflammation to Slow Down, but the Evidence for These Drugs is Weak. Overactive Bladder Medication: May Reduce Symptoms of Frequent Urination and Urgency. Other Regulatory Drugs The Physical Therapy Shockwave Therapy: the Therapy Involves Placing a Vibrating Therapy Probe on the Perineum to Deliver Shockwave Energy to the Prostate.

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The Treatment Works by

Using Energy to Destroy the Inflamed Tissue Around the Prostate So That It Can Regrow. Electrical Nerve Stimulation: Use Neurofeedback to Regulate Frequent Urination and Urgency. Acupuncture: at Present, There Are Different Opinions on the Efficacy, but You Can Try It. 3. Surgery In Fact, There is Currently No Surgery That Can Definitively Treat Prostate Inflammation, but if You Want to Relieve Related Symptoms Such as Dysuria, Frequent Urination, Urinary Incontinence, Etc., You Can Consider Doing a Curettage of Prostate Hypertrophy, or Injecting Botulinum Into the Bladder. Bacillus. In Conclusion Prostate Inflammation Often Causes Pain in Urination, Frequent Urination, Urgent Urination, and Dull Pain in the Perineum or Lower Abdomen in Male Friends. If You Have Such Symptoms, Please Go to the Urology Clinic for Examination and Treatment as Soon as Possible, So as Not to Become Chronic Prostate Inflammation and

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