The super bowl is one of the most important sporting events of the year and. Without a doubt, one of the most attractive for. The marketing and advertising industry. The super bowl is one of the most important sporting. Events of the year and, without a doubt. One of the most attractive for the marketing and advertising industry. This is not only because the NFL is the sports organization. With the most powerful league in the world. Reporting annual revenues of more than 13 billion dollars. According to data from Statista. But because the super. Bowl generates interest beyond the united states, where this sport is almost a religion, also beyond its borders.

The Super Bowl Is One of the Most Important Sporting

Europe, Asia, Latin America, Mexico cast its eyes on the stadium where the NFL champion is defined . A fact that confirms this is the amount reached for advertising for this meeting, for example, Super Bowl LI (2017) captured 385 million dollars, a 30-second spot during the broadcast of the Buy Macedonia WhatsApp Numbers game cost approximately 5 million , according with projected data in Statista. This Sunday the Super Bowl is played at the US Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the New England Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

One of the Most Attractive for the Marketing and Advertising

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For days and throughout this weekend, countless brands have launched marketing actions to get on the ‘Super Sunday’ hype train. Although the term hype train was born in 2002 in the video game culture with the Nintendo brand, today it is a fundamental part of social media jargon to take advantage of trends and strengthen engagement with your audience. Here are some examples of how brands in Mexico have joined the Super Bowl LII trend.

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