Super bowl lii was used by a large number of brands. Including film production companies that released trailers. Teasers and tv spots. Here are the best. The cinema is one of the most profitable forms of entertainment. Just look at the projections of pwc. Which estimates that for this 2018 the income of the film industry will exceed 44 billion dollars. Today was super bowl lii , played by the new england patriots and the .Philadelphia eagles , where those from the national conference took the vince lombardi trophy and are the new nfl champions. Super sunday is special, it captures the attention of millions of people around the world for at least three hours.

A 30-second Super Bowl Television Spot Will Cost $5.2 Million

with more than 100 million viewers in the United States alone. This has led to the Super Bowl positioning itself as one of the most important windows for brands to Buy Latvia WhatsApp Numbers connect with the public. It is not for nothing that a 30-second spot during the broadcast of the game costs approximately 5 million dollars . according to projected data in Statista. This Sunday was used by a large number of brands, including film production companies that released trailers, teasers and TV spots, here are some: A very important part of the Super Bowl is the commercials,

A Very Important Part of the Super Bowl Is the Commercials

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Today dozens of advertising campaigns of mass consumption brands, such as food and beverages, and technology service companies are released. A 30-second spot on television will cost $5.2 million. That is why it is not surprising Tide’s investment in the economic aspect, but also creative. The brand has surprised with this funny ad that tries to ridicule the already traditional ads for Budweiser, Old Spice, among others. Actor David Harbour, star of the popular series Stranger Things, appears in his mini spots.

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