Then it is inevitable that the originality concerns obvious superficial choices. Which with the advertising immediacy that characterizes our time will ensure the artist an equally superficial uniqueness. But there is a consolation which the young creators with the anxious desire to conquer. The present that possesses them do not seem to recognize. It’s about realizing that everything has happened again. A finding which in itself would be enough to relieve them of the stress of the new. After that all that remains is to engage with the artistic object with. The only possible result of discovering a slightly new look at something already known. And that would be enough satisfaction for a creator. But perhaps not enough to catapult him intosociety has accustomed him. If one contemplates the slippery paths of the artistic process the dark dead ends the deceptive sirens the menacing pitfalls. The permanent disappointments one might stop the journey before it has even begun.

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Along the way however in order to become stronger and face all the difficulties. Adversities he will encounter he should be armed with the compass of his views. This code of conduct Philippines Photo Editor which one develops over the years and which is based on personal values which each of us gathers. Through respected teachings valuable experience and dear people. There is no reason for art to be exempt from the control of these values even more. So that we will have an automatic and personal response to the difficult turns of our artistic course. As the s began six years ago one museum director wrote enthusiastically The Eighties are over. And what I wouldn’t give to know. What the Nineties have in store for us We cannot blame the director in question for reacting like a novelty store owner, Since he did nothing more than join the prevailing opinion which wants art to be a kind of entertainment spectacle capable of holding.

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After all this decadebydecade division of artistic production succumbs. The more general decimal methodology of clothing fashion whose necessarily Consumer Lead continuous change expresses. The needs of a market but not those of the individuals who make it up. People who at least in terms of creation should not be willing to divide their personality. Work into decades nor be defined by the best decade of their life since it is obvious that for each creator the total consideration. The five or six creative decades of the entire life must constitute an account. Unless we replace the artistic agony of the search with train. An agony not very different from that of the middleaged man who behaves like his younger self constantly. Adapting to behaviors that are foreign to him. The history of art teaches us that changes were usually due to a long gradual development.

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