People have friends, and they may want to gift the product they’re buying for themselves to their friends. Which is why a gift card of equal value to the product price is a perfect product bundle offer). THREE PRODUCT BUNDLING STRATEGIES YOU CAN USE To recap, here are the three product bundling strategies you can use to increase your AOV: If you sell complementary products to your core product, offer a product bundle of complementary products (e.g., Beats by Dr.

Three product bundling strategies

Dre Headphones + Beats Pill+ Speaker + mophie Portable Charger + Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card). If you sell a product people are likely to buy multiple times, offer more Pakistan Phone Number of the same products (e.g., Baby Monkey Eddie + Baby Monkey Sydney + Baby Monkey Charlie + Baby Monkey Summer). If you sell a product that’s generally only bought once and you have no other complementary products. Offer a gift card equal in value to the product (e.g., $50 Infiniti Hair Straightener + $50 Gift Card).

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So you don’t have to

How do you create these product bundles for your site? I spent hours researching the top product bundling apps across the top eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, so you don’t have to. The product bundling app I found for each platform however didn’t have the flexibility to offer complimentary products. More of the same products, and gift cards (aka the product bundling strategies Best Buy use.) So Sumo’s tech team built a Sumo Shortcut that could.

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