Local pages by region Create local pages by region. For example, if you are a roofer in The Hague but would like to be visible in the surrounding cities in the Randstad, you can create pages for those regions. If you want to be visible in Leiden, you can create a page for the keyword ‘roofer Leiden’. This way you still have a chance to be visible when people are specifically looking for a roofer in Leiden. With this method you mainly attract consumers who use local search terms. These types of pages still seem to work fine. Citations Citations are online references to a company with the company’s name, address, and phone number on various websites. The more you are mention the better.

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It is also important for local findability. For local SEO, there are a number of ‘must-have’ quotes: Google Business Profile listing Bing Maps (via Bing Places) Facebook Belgium Phone Number Goldenpages Yelp (or alternative) I recommend that your company is list on various relevant websites where it is possible to list your company online. . Answer questions & respond to long-tail searches Informative and good content is and remains important. Especially with voice search and the increasing number of long tail searches. Don’t just try to provide information about your service or product. Also make sure you answer questions about the product or the problem the visitor is facing.

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What questions do you often get from customers who want to purchase your service or product? Longer content in which questions are answer often scores best. If it is also good quality content. Once the information is well shar on the website, it is much more likely to get into the ‘people are Consumer Lead also looking for’ section of the SERP. Also make use of structur data . With structur data you can help Google by answering exactly the important questions. For example, by loading FAQs via structur data , you can answer a specific common question directly in the SERP. This makes it much more likely that your content will be shown in the SERP with a featur snippet. To use structur data properly, use Google’s Structur Data Markup Helper tool.

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