The advantage of this is that it is very professional (no double uploads) and you build up even more views with just video. Video player : : Improve your channel Want to get more out of your channel? Request a free YouTube audit ! In one hour you will receive free advice on how to improve your YouTube channel with a few simple steps. We are Twin sense. Content that moves! Standing out with your organization, that’s what it’s all about. With our passion and the latest techniques, we increase the presentation of companies. We do this by focusing on the elements within the customer journey: video marketing, web marketing and online advertising.

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For beautiful brands, but certainly also together with other agencies! Do you – like many others – use Mailchimp for sending emails? Understandable. Because the Malaysia Phone Number tool is free and super user-friendly. But did you know that Mailchimp has not been GDPR compliant for some time now? It is therefore high time to switch to a Mailchimp alternative. I have compar tools for you. A little more about MailChimp Mailchimp has not been GDPR compliant since mid- . That’s right. Mailchimp is an American company and also stores all data (including personal data) in the Unit States.

Malaysia phone number list

In Addition There Are Of Course

Strict privacy requirements have been set for this in Europe for years. Due to the cancellation of the Privacy Shield (mid- ), the agreement in which the US promis to protect data from EU citizens, it is no longer allow to store data from Europeans overseas. Do you still use Mailchimp? Then you do Consumer Lead not fully comply with the GDPR guidelines. It is therefore wise to switch to an e-mail tool from an EU-bas party. But which Mailchimp alternative do you choose? There are tons of email tools to choose from and it’s not easy to compare them. I’d love to lend you a hand. After a quick scan of the possibilities and pricing of various tools I chose to compare the cheaper tools that are comparable to Mailchimp but proof.

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