That’s since the early acquisitions of podcast-relat companies like Gimlet Mia and podcast host Anchor. Today, Kolos Apple Podcast competes with Spotify as the largest listening platform. Both platforms are fully innovating in terms of functionalities. This makes it easier for makers, for example, to link revenue models to it. Spotify is currently the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to listening to podcasts. Audio iting In the past year, new products for audio iting software, such as Descript, have appear on the market. But all-in solutions such as also make starting, iting and professionalizing much easier. They offer services like hosting, iting, transcribing and show note pages all in one.

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This also improves the listening experience of listeners (e.g. through better iting and transcription tools). New technologies such as voice search make it easier to Azerbaijan Phone Number extract loose content from podcasts , such as separate audio snippets or text. In time, for example, it will be possible for Google to not only search websites for keywords, but also podcasts. For example, if you search for ‘trends podcast ‘, you will immiately find the right episode and the right fragment. In , due to new technological developments, content will be more easily accessible and applicable.

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As a result, making relevant and valuable episodes for (content) marketers, brands and entrepreneurs is becoming increasingly important. The podcast market is maturing The Consumer Lead market is becoming more and more mature. The number of Dutch-language podcasts is relatively small and demand is increasing. Podcasting company budgets are on the rise and the ways to monetize it are on the rise. Niche podcasts are still little us in the Netherlands. I expect these to increase in number and variety in the coming years. Depth and authenticity will play an increasingly important role in the coming years.

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