Instant messaging systems are the new targets for brands because it is a. Potential market of more than a billion dollars, and it is. Whatsapp that has a platform for companies, while telegram has 600,000 new .Users every day. Instant messaging systems are the new. Targets for brands because it is a potential market of more than a Qatar B2B List billion dollars . And it is whatsapp that has a platform for companies, while telegram .Has 600,000 new users every day. While whatsapp has an advanced system .For brands, telegram is a low-profile competitor that tends to. Learn from the mistakes of the other platform, and with it grow silently. At the end of 2017 it transpired that telegram would launch a. Platform based on blockchain to obtain resources via cryptocurrencies , however.

Instant Messaging Systems Are the New

the company took two months to confirm it. According to Quartz, Telegram plans to raise up to $1.2 billion in an initial coin offering ( ICO ), a fundraiser, of which it will spend $620 million over the next 4 years to develop a chat app, related costs, plus $500 million more for the company , such as equipment, bandwidth, co-location of data, i.e. paying for space in a data center, and user verification costs. The application expects to Qatar B2B List reach 200 million users in 2018 and one billion by 2022. Apparently, the rest of the resources, 120 million dollars, will be used in salaries, honorary offices and consulting services, since Telegram only employs 15 developers, a figure abysmally different from Facebook ,

While Whatsapp Has an Advanced System for Brands

Qatar B2B List

and $5.9 billion in research and development. Although it was already rumored that Telegram’s plan would innovate within the instant messaging industry by establishing cryptographic protocols . In addition, it is believed that Silicon Valley venture capital firms would be behind the company’s new mode of monetization, since they could do Qatar B2B List so with up to 600 million dollars. Subscribe to the premium content of Merca2.0 From Madrid to Mexico City, the most reliable source of global marketing strategies. A look at the strategies of the

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