The works speak to us in this case of the astonishing expansion of cultural tourism of the frenzy almost desperate as. Thomas Struth says somewhere of art consumption and of the irreparable transformation of our relations with works of the past now done. On the other hand the detection on the part of the analyst of comments and observations which. The artist is supposed to make on reality through the significant real event is firstly arbitrary and secondly should have. Little importance in front of the detection of the relationship which the work of art itself inevitably has with. The art world in general and the consequent artistic emotion of the viewer. It is thus observed the contradictory course of having started from the point of a rather general agreement that. The simple copying and recording of reality cannot be the object of art to end up today. At the point of considering the role of photography to be the commentary on reality.

Photograph exists only through its specific size

After all it would not be too much to sarcastically characterize this kind of contemplativeartistic commentaries. Which have recently prevailed in the field of art Image Masking Service as a philosophical. Viper Nora since with surprising seriousness they touch on common if not simplistic places for which a random person can speak with much. More substance and authenticity from their life experiences. The sad thing is that many mainly young photographers either because. They are products of these analyststeachers or because they want to become products of analystscritics or because in this way. They facilitate dealing with their artistic impasses have entered the game of chatty interpretation and support of their projects. And in fact the less they have to say with them the more they say outside of them. Frame and Size In their agonizing course they also falsify their. It is a fashion for example lately to despise the cadre. And by this word we do not mean only the form but the whole concept of composition with its extension to the area of ​​artistic content.

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The glorified modern photographs could begin

As if the artist did not want to emphasize to us that he chose something that without him. Would not have been chosen that way. But without choice there is no opinion without Consumer Lead opinion there is no personality. Without personality emotion and admiration are not born. It is also fashionable to make photos gigantic. The less right someone is the more they shout to enforce it. It is however honest if not correct the opinion of some photographers who halfjokingly and halfseriously argue that since. The big buyers are the Banks and not private individuals they will print in huge sizes to decorate the bank buildings. However the argument that a is futile. The size has to do with the space in which it will be displayed and the use that will be reserved for it. The photographer may prefer or be comfortable with one size or the other. The impression can be different in front of a huge or a minimal image. The function should be different on the wall than on the page.

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