Without the bustling traffic in the metropolis, most people in Yilan have the impression of slow-paced mountain and sea scenery. However, in recent years, this small village has jumped onto the international stage because of baseball, and has become the place where the runner-up team of the 2015 U12 World Cup Junior Baseball Tournament is born! The current core composition that apart from leading the team, I don’t talk about work, and only talk about other things in life, and the public and private are clear. Only then can we go for a long time.” The tacit understanding between them has also become the key to affecting the character of the team. What kind of coaches, what kind of style the team grows. Samsung-7 Photo Credit:Home Run Taiwan Taking young players to international competitions, in fact, coaches Huang Yuxiang and Lin Shengyuan have been each other’s playmates since childhood.


Humblely said that when U12 participated in the competition,

there was no ambition to create any kind of results. I just wanted my children to experience the Portugal Phone Number national team and see the world. “I didn’t expect to play in the final promotion. I was also very surprised. I stood on the whole soft foot.” The memory is nervous. In the championship game, coach Huang Yuxiang fully believed in him as the instructor. Although the pressure of not losing made Coach Lin directly call it “heartless”, because they both knew when to give the players what kind of secrets and instructions, the moment of unity is even better. Can appreciate the tacit understanding between the two.

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Home Run Taiwan Every year in the graduation season,

sending a batch of players away always makes the two coaches have mixed feelings. “We didn’t say it well, but we must not be at school that day. I can’t bear it! I didn’t dare to show up at all, I was in a bad mood.” The emotion goes beyond the connection between the average player and the coach. They all understand that even if these players will continue to play, the relationship between them will come to an end after graduation—so, no matter how many years have passed, the two coaches are still unable to say “goodbye” to the players. I’m not used to expressing softness in front of children, because such coincidences may instead plant an invincible image in the hearts of players. From a player to a coach in progress – assistant coach Liao Yuxiang

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