What advantages they can bring to our business Today we take a good look at point of sale terminals. Terminals to find out what they offer us, what types exist and what features we can expect from them. Everything you need to know about What   benefits that a brings to your online store What kind of  systems exist. Try Shopify for free to create your online store. Without credit card easy and intuitive.  By its acronym Point of Sale terminal. Device that businesses use to process payments through the dataphone system or telephone connection with the  of being  and sales tickets or even facilitating inventory management.  Offer the option of processing digital payments made from mobile phones or other devices with  technology. The main function is to check and process a customer’s bank details in real time. Through a telephone or internet connection. That will help you get that extra.

How does a Point of Sale Terminal

Although there are different types – and above all different technologies. The main function to check and process. A customer’s bank details  real time. Through a telephone or internet connection. In other  Cambodia Phone Number words regardless will generally perform these actions. Receive an amount or amount that will be the amount to be collected Connect. Ask the  card holder code that proves that he  the person authorized to operate with said card.  Issuing bank or designated bank to process the payment. Receive a validation of the payment or a rejection . The rejection can be for multiple reasons: there are not. Not possible to verify the data. The correct  or password was not entered etc. Issue the payment date and code of the bank operation certifying that the payment has been made. In the business to manage the digital payment, but physically.

Benefits that a POS brings to your online store

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A allows us to calculate the budget for the following seasons with the history of sales and products: The current point of sale terminals are mini computers. And they allow us to store historical sales that have been. Made to predict future purchases. This very Consumer Lead useful for specific dates such as. our customers purchases and preferences and help us provide personalized experiences with quick access to order history, total spend, and more. The virtual offers you does precisely this and many more advanced features that will help you get that extra bit to succeed. Manage from the same platform. Unifying purchases from stock in multiple inventories at the same without cash or. The main reason why terminals.

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