Simon sinek’s golden circle sinek’s book is a real demonstration .Of his model developed over years of work and study with companies in the sector. The Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists golden circle is not the classic theory we read in textbooks during our university studies. This model actually provides a new point of view to explain the immense success of .The most famous brands . Everything revolves around a single word. Why? “. The why of a brand is its purpose, the cause, the conviction that pushes the company .To operate in a specific way and in a specific context. Companies like apple . Google and ferrero are prime examples of this model. They started with a strong and clear motivation , which allowed them to add value. To each of their actions and products. People who shared these values ​​and principles could not help .But become customers and supporters of their ideas .

How to Launch a New Product on the Market

They spend months or even years testing new design solutions and adding various features .To their products, with the hope of being the first choice of their customers .In this process, however, brands forget to explain to customers why that product .Is different from all the others and why they think it can improve their lives.  As soon as the product fails to maintain those characteristics that distinguish it from all the others. The customer will replace it with another cheaper on the market. Sinek, in this part of his book, underlines the importance of loyalty especially in times of crisis. In fact.

the Conviction That Pushes the Company to Operate

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists

A loyal customer will understand the mistake and help the brand to get up while a simple opportunist will turn. The page as if nothing had happened. How to launch a new product on the market? Sinek, not only tries .To inspire us but also tries to provide us with a more realistic and accurate view of the market. It borrows the theory initially formulated by rogers. And subsequently extended and transformed into law by geoffrey moore on the Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists diffusion of innovation in marketing.Who constitute 2.5% of the total population early users . Who make up 13.5% of the total population early majority : constituting 34% of .The total population late majority : which constitutes 34% of the total population laggards . Who make up 16% of the total population.

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