The number of email crits and the number of contacts varies by subscription. Are you using more email crits than what comes standard in your subscription? Then you can easily buy extra crits via the app. These are bill monthly in arrears. With the premium subscription, the e-mail crits are bill monthly in arrears anyway. You only pay for the crits you actually use. Prices Hello dialog. Prices Hello dialog. Prices extra e-mail crits (excl. VAT) Hello dialog. Source: Hello dialog . Pricing Mail Camp Minicamp offers two different subscriptions: essential and premium. The starting prices of this Mailchimp alternative are € and € per year emails per month.

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The number of contacts is – for both subscriptions and unlike Lacoste and Hello dialog – unlimited. The support is also the same with both subscriptions. You can request support by phone or email. The difference between the subscriptions is in the available features. With the premium Iran Phone Number subscription you can, in addition to the basic functions, also use sub account  multi-user management, e-mail automations, A  B tests, multi-language e-mails and dynamic content in e-mails. In addition, more links are possible (more on that later). Prices Minicamp. Tool pricing compar It is difficult to compare the pricing of email tools because it is structur differently for each tool.

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I have combin the prices of the different options within the e-mail tools in the graph below. In this graph you can also see per tool from which option the automation feature is available. This can (in addition to the user-friendliness, the number of contacts and the number of e-mails) be an Consumer Lead important part for you to make a good assessment between the various alternatives. Tools compar. Tools compar. Mailchimp is free to use for up to , emails per month (daily limit of , ) to , contacts. Laposta is the only email tool of these that has a free variant. In that respect, this tool is most similar to Mailchimp. But if you want to use features such as automations, A B testing and email schooling at Mailchimp , you still have to purchase a subscription.

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