Your followers can then share a photo or video of their home office or “real” office. Note : you can also view the other ‘submissions’ on this sticker. So it’s not a private comment! Have you seen any other interesting Instagram updates? Then let us know in the comments. And that while I would absolutely not qualify myself as a tantrum frog. In fact, I will avoid workplace conflicts at all costs. I would prefer to encourage my colleagues to take more ownership themselves. And come up with a solution that they feel comfortable with. But yes, how do I achieve that? I previously wrote a book review for Frankwatching about the book ‘Superpowers: Create ownership and make your organization work’ by Martine Verger.

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Using various practical examples, she sketches a clear path to an organization in which employees take more initiative and are intrinsically motivat to pursue Cayman Islands Phone Number organizational goals. On the basis of her Superpowers program, which further enriches the theory in the book with practical exercises, I search for the answer to the question: “How do I get my colleagues to move?” Action = reaction As you us to learn in physics class about Isaac Newton’s third law: “If object A exerts a force on object B, then object B exerts an equal but opposite force on object.

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Maybe you didn’t like physics much in high school and that’s why you became a project manager. Yet this rule also applies remarkably often in business life. There are a Consumer Lead number of contradictions or patterns of behavior that often recur and that make it not easy to get employees moving. For example: The more you as a manager control, the more the employee feels the ne to have autonomy or to avoid that control. The more structure you try to give to a certain process, the more the employee will desire flexibility. The more you want to realize changes, the more employees will try to slow down.

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